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How Forme can help optimize your Trust and Estate Planning

Do you have an intentional and orderly plan for the transition of ownership for everything in your estate?  If you don’t, your state of residence has “intestate” laws that provide a default estate plan unlikely to match your wishes.  Even if you do, in many cases it was done many years ago and does not reflect the reality of your current life.

A comprehensive analysis of your existing trust documents to find gaps that our advisors can help you close.

How Forme can help optimize your Trust and Estate Planning.

What Forme provides:

Trust and Estate planning includes:
Document and estate liquidity review

Reviewing your documents with you and explaining what would ensue if they were needed to make sure it matches your intent

Document coordination

Making sure your documents don’t contradict each other, making sure your personal and business assets disposition is coordinated

Wills and Trusts

Helping discuss options so when you go to draft documents with your attorney you are prepared

Advanced Estate Planning

For taxable estates, business owners or heavy illiquid assets/real estate, community property considerations, adult children dependents, parents that are dependents, etc.

Health Care Directives

Deciding who decides your care if incapacitated and pre-defining your wishes

Powers of Attorney

Helping you navigate the decision on who should be your Power of Attorney

Beneficiary and Asset Titling

Coordinated review of account titling and listed beneficiaries to ensure alignment with estate plan

Meet the specialized financial advisory team

Myhanh Hoskin
Pro Forme™ Advisor - CFP®, CWS®, AAMS®
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Charley Corbett
Pro Forme™ Advisor - MPAS®, AWMA®, CRPC®
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Joseph Sicchitano
Chief Advice Officer - CFP®, MPAS®, CEPA®
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Bill Martin
Chief Investment Officer - CFA®
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Matthew Martin
Pro Forme™ Advisor - CFP®️, AAMS®️
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Trust and Estate Planning from Forme

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