10 Reasons We’re Grateful for Physicians

Happy Thanksgiving 2022

10 Reasons We’re Grateful for Physicians

Happy Thanksgiving 2022


In honor of the 1,073,616 practicing physicians in the United States, we’d like to give thanks to you this holiday season. Here are 10 reasons why we are grateful for each of you.

  1. You went through many years of school and training to take care of us
  2. You dedicated yourself to becoming an expert clinician to make the best decisions on behalf of patients
  3. You juggle a lot
  4. You navigate the challenges of prior authorizations while often being inadequately reimbursed for your services
  5. You endure using complicated electronic health record systems to manage our care
  6. You work late nights and long hours to care for our healthcare needs
  7. You lend a patient ear to our concerns
  8. You process mounds of paperwork to provide us quality care
  9. You face staffing shortages while having to care for an increasing number of patients
  10. You help us live happy, healthy lives

Forme Financial thanks you for being dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate in all you do. We are blessed to work with physicians across career stages and specialities, bringing physicians like you the financial health and wellbeing that you deserve.

Wishing you a prosperous and joyous holiday season. 

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